We are a local landscape supply facility providing aggregates and soils for your landscaping projects.  We also recycle concrete, asphalt, and soil that you may have from your project.  We have delivery services available large and small.

Entrepreneur. Dave Stefanich is a life long resident of Arvada, Colorado. Thirty years ago he had a vision of building a successful, reputable business that would be of service to the community and the people of the community.  He sought to serve his community by creating jobs in the construction industry and by offering organic materials that are environmentally healthy and would produce healthy chemical free gardens and landscaping.

He began with a small lot, a few trucks a few pieces of equipment and two employees.  Since the beginning he has owned and sold several companies and formed new companies.  Today he owns various sites and has added considerably to his fleet of trucks and equipment.

His employees welfare and that of his customers are the first and foremost priority.  He is a perfectionist when it comes to the job at hand.  Dave believe that all work, no matter how miniscule,must be completed correctly, safely and on a timely basis. The work done must meet customer satisfaction.  All OSHA safety standards must be observed on each and every job site as well as on our administrative sites. This philosophy is instilled into each and every staff member.

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